Our Tires For Life Program!


  1. All liabilities, assumed by the dealer, are subject to the coverage, conditions and exemptions set forth in this contract
  2. No replacement will be made if the tire is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or manufacturer recall.
  3. The aggregate limit of liability per repair shall not exceed $150.00 per tire.
  4. The vehicle purchaser assumes all liability for expenses incurred for towing the vehicle, road service, storage, substitute transportation and/or any other expense not specified as covered by this contract.


General Terms and Conditions


  1. Ineligible vehicles included are those of the high performance category and all V rated and Z Rated tires are ineligible per this contract.
  2. Coverage of the vehicle in this contract applies only if the customer performs all of the recommended maintenance per the manufacturers scheduled maintenance menu and performing alignment once every 15,000 miles or 12 months, whichever occurs first.  Selling dealership must perform all services. NO EXCEPTIONS PROVIDED.
  3. This contract does not entitle holder of any consequential damages to property, loss of use, loss of time, loss of profit or income and/or consequential damage.
  4. If tires show sign of wear due to use while improperly inflated, this contract becomes null and void.  Tire pressure should be checked by dealer, at any time, without charge, at vehicle owner’s request.
  5. Only tires subject to normal wear and tear will be replaced.
  6. The start date of coverage is the day the vehicle is purchased.
  7. Tires must be used on the vehicle that is described on the registration form.
  8. When tires reach 3/32” dealer will replace tires.  Old tires become the property of the dealership.
  9. This agreement is issued by the dealership only and not the manufacturer of the vehicle, and is offered to the registrant without additional cost as past of the purchase price of the vehicle.
  10. No tires shall be replaced without prior authorization of the service manager.
  11. This contract applied only to the original purchaser of the vehicle and cannot be transferred or assigned to any subsequent owner, including family members.
  12. Tires will not be replaced if worn due to improper balance, improper inflation, improper wheel alignment, lack of rotation, vehicle modification or alterations, abuse, lack of maintenance, use as a commercial vehicle, livery, delivery, racing, snow plowing or if the odometer has been altered in anyway.  Vehicles purchased by employees are not eligible under this program.