How Does the VW Arteon and Atlas and Overhead View Camera Work?

August 24th, 2018 by

Volkswagen Overhead View Camera Explanation and Instructions

Most new and modern vehicles come with a rearview camera system as a standard feature. On the display screen, this gives the driver a wide view of the area behind their car which helps immensely during parking maneuvers and pulling out into traffic. However, the new evolution of this technology is the Overhead View Camera system. Also known as the Area View Camera system, this can be found in many Volkswagen vehicles.

VW Overhead View Camera System Explanation

The Volkswagen Overhead View Camera system, or Area View Camera system, uses multiple cameras. There are 4 to be precise. Depending on the set up of the Overhead View Camera system and the vehicle build of choice, these 4 cameras are either sit up in the shape of a cross (front, back, side mirrors implementation) or as an X (headlight and tail light diagonal placement). Either set up captures the area, giving the driver the ability to look into any of their blind spots.

Additionally, for North American vehicles, the Rearview Camera system is still included when the X-shaped Overhead View Camera system is implemented. This lets drivers keep the ability to look directly behind their vehicle.

VW Overhead View Camera System Vehicles

In North America, there are 2 VW models that use the Overhead View Camera System. These are the current 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV and the upcoming 2019 Volkswagen Arteon sports sedan. It’s unclear what other upcoming 2019 Volkswagen vehicles will also implement the Overhead View Camera system, either as a standard feature or one available in a higher trim level.

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Performance Features

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