How to Install a Car Battery

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Like all batteries, your car battery will wear down over time and eventually lose its ability to hold a charge. If you have some experience with DIY auto maintenance, you can save money by learning how to install a car battery when it’s time for a replacement. Learn more in the guide below—and if you’d rather leave this task to the professionals, remember that you can always schedule car battery installation near you in the Vineland or Millville area!

How to Install a Car Battery: Step-by-Step

  1. Turn off your car’s engine and engage the parking brake. 
  2. Open the hood and locate the battery. 
  3. Use a wrench to loosen the nut connecting the battery to the black (negative) cable.
  4. Twist and then pull the cable away from the battery. If it’s stuck, don’t attempt to pry it off by force!
  5. Next, loosen the nut connecting the battery terminal to the red (positive) cable. 
  6. The battery is secured by a battery hold-down clamp, which prevents it from moving around while you drive. Carefully loosen and pull the hold-down clamp away from the battery.
  7. The car battery is now ready to be removed! Use both hands to lift it out slowly. Keep in mind that car batteries can weigh up to 50 pounds, and dropping a car battery can cause an unsafe leak. Be sure you can handle the weight of the battery, and have a place ready to put it after lifting it out of the car.
  8. Look for corrosion on the battery tray and hold-down clamp, and remove it with a solution of baking soda and water or a battery-cleaning product if needed.
  9. Clean any corrosion or debris from the battery cable connectors with a wire brush and battery cleaning solution.
  10. To install the new battery, place it in the battery tray and tighten the battery hold-down clamp.
  11. Spray anti-corrosion solution on the positive and negative battery terminals to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your new battery. Be sure to do this before reconnecting the cables.
  12. Reconnect the red (positive) cable to the battery, followed by the black (negative) cable.
  13. Check that the cables are connected securely to the battery terminals, that the hold-down clamp is properly tightened.
  14. Your new battery is ready to ride! If you have any further questions about how to install a car battery, the experienced technicians at our service center are happy to help when you reach out.

Schedule Car Battery Installation Near You in Monroeville 

Whether you plan to schedule car battery installation near you in Washington Township or learn how to install a car battery on your own, you can rely on Volkswagen of Salem County car-care advice, replacement parts, battery cleaning supplies, and more. At the Volkswagen of Salem County service center, we’re happy to help with jump-starts or any other car battery issues!

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