How to Open a Volkswagen Hood

Volkswage Jetta Hood View

If you drive a Volkswagen vehicle, there may come a time when you need to open the VW hood to inspect the vehicle or perform routine maintenance. Wondering how to open a Volkswagen hood? The service experts at Volkswagen of Salem County near Vineland would be glad to share the details. Whether you need to know how to open the VW Golf hood, Volkswagen Beetle hood, VW Passat hood, or have questions about the VW hood latch for a different model, we have you covered.

Volkswagen Open Car Hood

Before you get started, step inside the cabin of your particular model. The steps below should help you open your VW Beetle hood, Golf hood, and more.

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Near your feet, you should spot the lever that is used to open up the trunk of your vehicle. Pull the lever toward you to release the VW Golf hood latch (or whichever model you drive).
  2. Step out of your vehicle and head over to the front end of the car. Locate the hood release lever under the front lip of the hood.
  3. Lift the hood as you pull the VW hood latch.
  4. Use one hand to keep the hood of the vehicle open. Use the other to take out the prop rod. When it is securely inserted into the receiver port, you can then safely look under the hood of your vehicle.

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If you still have questions on how to open the Volkswagen hood or are wondering about a specific maintenance task, do not hesitate to reach out to the automotive service experts at Volkswagen of Salem County near Millville. We want to ensure your Volkswagen vehicle runs smoothly for many years to come. If you think that your vehicle is in need of repair or routine maintenance, it is easy to set up an appointment online. We make vehicle maintenance affordable and hassle-free.

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