What is the Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule?

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If you want your new VW vehicle to last for years and years to come, you should know the Volkswagen maintenance plan by heart! The brand’s recommended services cover all of your vehicle’s most important components, and when you receive the necessary work from your trusted local service center, you’ll enjoy the confidence that only genuine OEM parts can provide. Keep reading to find out when to schedule service.

Model-Specific Volkswagen Maintenance Requirements

No two vehicles are exactly alike, and of course, the new and used vehicles from Volkswagen are going to have different requirements. What follows is a general guide to the kinds of services you’ll most likely require, and the times at which you’ll require them.

It’s best used by Vineland and Millville drivers who’d like to estimate their long-term service costs, but who haven’t yet settled on a particular Volkswagen model. Your Volkswagen Atlas or Volkswagen Jetta maintenance cost may vary slightly in one direction or another.

VW Maintenance Required After 10K Miles

After the first 10,000 miles in a new vehicle, it’ll be time to check up on some of your hardest-working components and fluids. Expect each of these to be covered during your first service visit:

  • Oil and oil filter replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Airbag system inspection
  • AdBlue fluid check
  • Wiper blade inspection
  • Headlight cleaning system inspection

VW Maintenance Required at 20K, 60K, & 100K Miles

Certain components only need to be inspected after the first 20,000 miles, or once every 40,000 miles after that first interval. In addition to completing all of the 10,000-mile Volkswagen services, you’ll want to perform each of the following:

  • Battery inspection
  • Tire inspection
  • Brake system inspection
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Dust and pollen filter replacement
  • Tire filler bottle expiration date check

VW Maintenance Required After 30K, 50K, 70K, 90K, & 110K Miles

These Volkswagen maintenance visits are, in most respects, identical to your normal 10,000-mile check. However, you’ll also want to use these opportunities to conduct a brake disc inspection, along with a flush and refill of your brake and clutch unit fluid.

VW Maintenance Required After 40K, 80K, & 120K Miles

Your most comprehensive Volkswagen service and maintenance checks will come at these crucially important intervals. In addition to the normal 10,000-mile services, your technician will perform more than a dozen additional steps:


  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Coolant
  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Electrical components
  • Underbody sealant
  • CV joints

Other services: 

  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Dust and pollen filter replacement
  • DSG transmission fluid and filter change
  • Tire filler bottle expiration date check
  • Tire filler bottle replacement in the mobility kit

Why Should You Visit a Certified Center for VW Maintenance?

Our trained and certified technicians know just about everything there is to know about Volkswagen vehicles, and we possess specialized diagnostic equipment that allows us to find hidden problems, quickly. We have a direct connection to Volkswagen OEM part and accessory suppliers, too.

Fulfill Volkswagen Maintenance Plan at Volkswagen of Salem County!

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