Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan


There’s been plenty of talk over the past few years about the limited selection on dealership lots and the high cost of both new and used cars, leading many buyers to put off buying their next vehicle. 

However, these claims are a lot less accurate than they appear, especially for drivers who have a vehicle to trade in—in other words, the vast majority.

High used car prices mean higher-than-usual trade-in value for drivers who decide to sell their current vehicle. That extra money can go directly toward the cost of a new car, and go a long way toward offsetting its higher price.

It’s also important to note that although inventory for some models is lower, that’s not the case for all models. In fact, your local Vineland dealer may have a great selection of the new vehicle you happen to be interested in.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

Without a doubt, new cars on average cost more today than they did just a few years ago. Still, this isn’t necessarily a good reason to forego financing a new car if you really need one. 

Ask yourself these questions: do you need a new car that is a better fit for your job or your lifestyle in Millville? Do you need to replace your car right now because it is unsafe to drive, or can you wait for a few more years? Is getting a deal your top priority, or is it more important that you find the right car?

If you’re unsure whether now is a good time to buy a new car, we invite you to talk over your options with our auto financing experts.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

There’s good news for buyers on the used car front, too. Thanks to higher demand, used cars are flying off the lot at an unprecedented rate—but there’s an unexpected benefit here. Many of the used cars making their way to dealerships are recent-year models coming off prior leases. 

Compared to what you find on used car lots when demand is normal, these vehicles tend to be more reliable and in better condition. 

So, yes! Now is a good time to buy a used car if you’re looking for one that’s certified pre-owned or low-mileage.

Is Now a Good Time to Trade In a Car?

Yes—now is absolutely a good time to buy a new car and trade-in your old car. For example, let’s say you’re interested in a new VW Atlas for $40,000. If the dealership buys your old car for $23,000, then your new Atlas is only going to cost a net total of $17,000. If you’re curious about how much you’d be paying each month, you can get a quick estimate with our online payment calculator tool! 

Questions or concerns about VW leasing and financing near Washington Township? Our team is happy to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out or visit us at the Volkswagen of Salem County finance center.

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