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Volkswagen Jetta Dashboard

If one of your VW Jetta warning lights starts to flash while you’re driving in Vineland, you may worry that your car isn’t safe to drive. Most of the time, VW warning lights indicate minor issues — but it’s best to familiarize yourself with the Volkswagen dash light meanings so that you know right away whether your car needs immediate service.

If the flashing VW warning light is yellow, it’s safe to continue driving your car but you should schedule a service appointment in the near future. If the light is flashing red, pull over away from traffic and contact a Millville-area VW service center or tow service for assistance.

Volkswagen Dash Light Meanings

  • Antilock Braking System Malfunction: This light and the brake light will turn on when there is a problem with the antilock braking system.
  • AdBlue® Level Warning: This light could be telling you about a problem with the AdBlue® diesel exhaust system. It could also mean that your vehicle is in need of a refill. If you also see a wrench icon, it could show system problems or that it was not filled with standard AdBlue®.
  • AdBlue® No Restart Warning: This red warning light lets drivers know that there is not enough AdBlue® diesel exhaust fluid. You will not be able to restart the engine.
  • Airbag Problem: If this light is on, it could mean an issue with the belt tensioning system. It could also indicate that the passenger airbag has been deactivated.
  • Automatic Transmission Malfunction: If this VW dash light goes on, you will want a mechanic to take a look at the transmission.
  • Brake Light Bulb Failure: When this light is illuminated, one or more of the brake lights are not functioning as they should.
  • Brake Pad Wear: You will need to inspect your brake pads if this light is on. The brake pads may need to be replaced.
  • Bulb Failure: When this light is solid and yellow, it is a sign that a bulb is not working. With a flashing light, it is an indication of a problem with the headlight leveling or AFS.
  • Coolant Level Low/Coolant Temperature High: When this red warning light is on, stop your vehicle when safe and inspect the coolant level.
  • DRL: This light does not show a problem. It is simply showing that the daytime running lights are on.
  • DSG® Transmission Too Hot: If this red light is on, it is best to stop driving as soon as you can. You will need to let the transmission cool down.
  • Parking Brake: When this red Jetta dashboard light is on, it indicates a problem with the parking brake.
  • Engine Malfunction (On-Board Diagnostics): If the yellow engine emission malfunction light is on, it is time to set up a service appointment.
  • EPC – Exhaust Gas: If the engine is not working properly, this yellow light may go on. You should make an appointment to have the car looked at by a professional.
  • ESP/ASR: When this yellow light is solid, the system is inactive. When there is an ESP/ASR event, the light will be flashing.
  • Fuel Cap off or Missing: If the fuel cap is not on or it is loose, this light could go on.
  • Hood Open: If this red light is on, check to make sure that the hood of the vehicle is not open.
  • Immobilizer: This yellow light will let you know if you are trying to use the wrong key or the key is not programmed to this specific vehicle.
  • BX-32 License Plate Bulb Failure: When your license plate bulbs are out, this light will let you know.
  • Low Fuel Level: Your car needs gasoline if this yellow light is on.
  • Oil Pressure: If a red oil can and a yellow pressure light are both on at the same time, there is no oil pressure. Turn the engine off when you can.
  • Oil Level Low: If your vehicle does not have enough oil, you will see this Jetta dashboard light.
  • Rain Sensor Malfunction: When you see this light, attempt to turn the ignition off and on again. If the light does not go off after doing this, it may need to be looked at by a professional.
  • Shift Lock: If this green light is on, it is an indication that you should apply the brake to shift the vehicle into gear.
  • Steering: This yellow light indicates an issue with the steering column. A solid yellow solid shows that power steering assist has been cut back. If it is yellow and flashing, it could show a problem with the electronic steering column lock. If it is red and solid, power steering assist has failed. When the light is flashing and red, the electronic steering column lock is malfunctioning.
  • Tire Pressure Low: This yellow light shows you when the TPMS is not working the right way or that tire pressure is low.
  • Washer Fluid Low: This yellow light tells you that more washer fluid is needed.

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