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Apply for Financing in Monroeville 

We offer a wide selection of sporty and stylish new and used Volkswagen hatchbacks, crossovers, and more. When you've found the right model for you, it's time to start investigating car financing and leasing options in the Vineland and Millville areas!

If you'd like to own your next vehicle, your first step should be to apply for financing. Using our online tool, you can find out in minutes whether you're likely to be approved for car financing. All you need to do is fill out the form with some basic info about your income and credit history. Next, an auto finance expert at Volkswagen of Salem County will contact you to discuss your car financing and leasing options.

What Do Lenders Look for When You Apply for Financing?

Not sure where to find the best car financing rates in Washington Township? Your search ends here at Volkswagen of Salem County, where we've fostered close relationships with a variety of professional lenders. You can apply for financing in-house at our dealership—and eliminate the middle man—for a streamlined, low-stress car financing process!

Before you apply for financing, you may want to boost your credit score or bolster your savings in order to afford your dream VW model. When auto lenders evaluate your application, they'll be looking at:

  • Credit score
  • Employment information
  • Date of birth
  • Loan amount
  • Trade-in value (if applicable)
  • Vehicle age

VW Lease vs. Finance Deals

Leasing and financing each have unique benefits, but which path is right for you? Keep these points in mind:

  • The benefits of car financing include building equity, the freedom to customize your vehicle, and no worries about exceeding a mileage limit. Possible drawbacks include rising maintenance costs over time and a higher monthly payment amount.
  • The benefits of car leasing include a lower monthly payment, access to the latest tech features, and lower repair costs. Possible drawbacks include mileage limits, not being able to customize your car, and higher costs over a long period of time if you choose only to lease vs. finance your vehicles.

Explore New & Used Car Financing Options at Volkswagen of Salem County 

Questions about how to apply for financing, the benefits of lease vs. finance deals, how to calculate interest rates, and other car-buying topics? Contact our team for assistance or stop by our dealership in Monroeville today. We're committed to making car financing simple for all of our customers, and we look forward to serving you soon!