Hand Wash Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

Hand Wash vs. Touchless Wash


Maybe you’ve driven through some mud puddles lately, a flock of birds disrespected your car, or it’s just been a while since your last car wash. Whatever the case, it’s time to wash the car. Should you take your vehicle to a Monroeville touchless car wash or opt for the service of a hand wash car wash? While a hands free car wash may sound appealing, there are definite advantages to getting your automobile washed by hand. Our service center team wants you to be informed, so we break down the pros and cons of both car wash methods below. 

Hand Wash Car Wash – Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that a quality hand wash car wash delivers the best results. All the little nooks and crannies, as well as stubborn dirt spots are given the attention they need. That doesn’t mean this method of car wash has all of the advantages, though. Here’s a list of hand car wash pros and cons:


  • You’ll get the most thorough results.
  • It’s free, if you do it yourself! Even if you include the cost of cleaning products, this method still comes out cheaper.


  • There’s a risk of damaging your car’s paint. Make sure to remove any debris before scrubbing your car’s surface.
  • It can be more expensive than a touchless car wash if you have someone else do it.

Touchless Car Wash – Pros and Cons

Taking your vehicle through a Vineland hands free car wash can seem like the quick and easy choice for a busy person. It has both its advantages and disadvantages, much like a hand wash car wash. See our list of touchless car wash pros and cons here:


  • It’s convenient.
  • There’s less risk of damaging your car’s paint.
  • It’s cheap. A touchless car wash typically costs less than paying someone to hand wash your car.


  • It doesn’t provide as thorough a cleaning.
  • It’s hard to avoid water spots.
  • It’s more expensive than a do-it-yourself car wash.

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